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What To Do If You Break Down On The Motorway

There is never a good time for your car to breakdown, but while you are on the motorway is one of the worst. If your car does break down on the motorway, you need to take certain steps to stay safe. The Highway Code does state that you should leave the motorway as soon as possible or pull into the next service area, but this is not always possible.

Pull Over To The Hard Shoulder

If you cannot exit the motorway, you need to pull your car onto the hard shoulder. This is for your safety as well as the safety of other motorway users. While you need to get to the hard shoulder, you need to be careful doing this.

You should not abruptly swerve to get to the hard shoulder. Use your indicators to get into the right lane and then onto the hard shoulder. You also need to ensure your car is completely on the hard shoulder and not partially.

Leaving The Vehicle

Once you are on the hard shoulder, you need to turn the hazard lights on. If you have broken down in the night, you should also turn the sidelights on. You and the other passengers should then leave the vehicle from the left-hand door.

Do not leave the vehicle from the right-hand doors. This will open onto traffic and is dangerous. Once you have left the vehicle, you need to say away from the carriageway.

If you have pets in the vehicle, you should leave them in the car. The only time they should be taken out of the car is when it is not safe for them to be in the vehicle. If you do have to take your pets out, you need to keep them under control.

Call For Help

At this point, you can call for breakdown help. If you have breakdown cover, you will need to call the number provided to you. There are also organisations you can call such as the RAC if you are not a member.

If your mobile phone is not working, you will have to make use of the emergency telephones. These phones are located along the motorway at 1-mile intervals. They are very easy to spot and arrows along the back of the hard shoulder will point you in the right direction. The emergence phone is free to use and connects to the Highways Agency or the police.

When you talk on any phone, you need to face the traffic for safety. You should provide as much information as you can including your exact location. Once you have made the call, you should go back to your vehicle and wait. Do not get into the vehicle unless you feel you are at risk.

Breaking down on the motorway is something you will want to avoid when possible. If you can, you should exit the highway once you are aware of a problem. If you cannot, you should follow these steps to remain safe and get the help you need.